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A Summer Song

Niki & Ed

Niki Sands and Ed Payne have been singing together for fun for more than ten years and at some point agreed that their “harmonies deserved to be heard by more than just the walls of their rehearsal space.” They decided to record some of their favorite songs that they had been practicing together, mostly songs from the 60s. The album art, which was designed by Ed’s son Adam Payne, was created with the late 60s in mind and has a Mid-Century-meets-disco feel with canvas textures in a blooming pattern of shades of green.

“These were just songs we loved to sing together” Ed explained. One thing that is unique about the duo’s sound, is that for a number of the songs it is actually Ed who is doing the high harmonies.

The summer theme was chosen for the album because three of the songs on the album: “A Summer Song,” “Sealed With A Kiss,” and “Summertime,” carry that seasonal motif.

The duo has more than 30 songs in their repertoire but decided these 12 were the best candidates for their first studio effort. The album took about three years to record, and currently they are working on their second album which may be titled, “You Can’t Make Old Friends,” a sentimental song about old friends by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.